Image by Juan Jose



A Christmas for all

This Christmas, Spread wants to help and simplify the logistics of giving to those in need.

For this, we created a Christmas campaign where you can donate directly to the institution that supports those in need!


In the format of an advent calendar, the idea is to, instead of taking something for us each day, we do the opposite: we put something in a bag to give to those who need it most.

This campaign is for anyone who wants to participate: family and friends, a company that wants to create a team building exercise, or simply you doing it alone, this calendar was made for anyone who wants to participate!


How it works?


Download the advent calendar from the button above to start the campaign.


Every day during December until the 20th, put a product in a bag to donate.


Select an entity where you want to deliver your donation. (Search for entities below)


Receive campaign results to be able to share on your social media.

Somos uma equipa de voluntários composta por especialistas de eficiência empresarial. Como consultores sabemos que está ao nosso alcance ajudar a sua empresa a aplicar da maneira mais eficaz a sua responsabilidade social. 

A Christmas for all