Christmas Spread

1. The calendar does not describe quantities. How do I know how much should I donate?

The calendar was purposely made without quantities to allow anyone to participate by donating whatever they want from each of the listed products.

2. By principle, I do not donate food. Can I contribute through another way?

The calendar was developed based on institutions whose mission is to aid people in need. Therefore, this survey includes whatever these institutions need the most. Regardless that, institutions appreciate any type of donation, even if it consists of non-food items. The important is to participate and donate whatever you find best.

3. How do I guarantee that my donation goes to an entity that supports people in need?

Spread has been in contact with several institutions and has witnessed a real difficulty for countless people affected by this pandemic. Thus, the idea behind this campaign consists in aiding institutions with low resources to plan this kind of initiatives, while we try to reach as many people as possible. However, at the time of registration, and in order to be certified for the campaign, Spread verifies the authenticity of each interested organization, so we can guarantee that your donation really goes to those who need the most.

4. I am an entity, and have promoted the campaign with my employees. I would like to quantify the impact of this campaign in order to thank their participation. Is it possible?

Yes, it is. One of the backstage supports Spread performs in this campaign is related to the quantification of the impact, by developing an infographic with results of your campaign. We only ask you to answer this form – My contribution was… - after the campaign ends.

5. I am not an entity, but I would also like to know the impact of my contribution, as well as my family’s and friends’ in this campaign. Is it possible?

Yes, it is. In the end of the campaign, Spread will distribute an infographic with results you can share in social media. We only ask you to answer this form – My contribution was… -, so we can quantify your offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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