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Where does my donation go?

Spread believes that our clients should receive our assistance free of charge to continue having their resources channeled to their social response mission. However, an operational and logistical intervention requires professional means, which are not always offered 100% to us. It has been a constant concern to work so that the means necessary for our interventions are offered and professionals make their time available pro bono, however it is not always possible. We want to guarantee quality in our interventions and therefore, your donation will allow to pay these human and material resources to create social innovation responses. This way, we intend to enable sustainability in the solutions provided to our customers to help them increase the impact of their mission.


How does an intervention work?


Spread is contacted by front-line entities with requests for procedural, operational and logistical improvement


A visit and interview to the entity is carried out in order to survey opportunities for improvement and understand what is obstructing the current social response.


A social innovation solution is structured and an intervention team is recruited, trained and supervised for implementation.


The entity receives a procedural, operational and logistical solutions that improves the social response currently provided people in fragile situations.

We are a team of volunteers made up of business efficiency experts. We believe we can make a difference by creating impact on the current social responsibility efforts of multiple entities in the front lines.

I want to contribute

Do you believe that our interventions can sustainably help entities on the front lines of social problems? Help us to improve the impact of current social responses in Portugal by supporting our interventions.

Make a donation. 

Q3 2021