Our approach

All Spread interventions are guided by these four principles :

Execution of excellence

For each Spread project there is a team of high-quality specialists who ensure execution is seamless for all people involved.


In all Spread projects, where possible, we will integrate people from the community into our solutions and approach.

Sharing knowledge

Spread has a network of professionals willing to share their knowledge so anyone can learn and return that knowledge to their organizations and communities.

Transparency and visibility

All Spread projects are measured for their social, environmental and financial impacts to ensure transparency and visibility of our progress against our defined goals.

Our execution

All Spread interventions are performed by professionals of excellence and for each intervention, we act as follows:

1. Planning


Select the project

We travel the country to find organizations that are already working to improve the lives of those in fragile situations.


Survey of opportunities

We make an assessment of the potential causes of the problem to structure the approach to be taken.

We seek worldwide solutions, with proven results in similar situations, and learn to adapt these solutions to the problem at hand. 

We select the intervention team

We seek to find the best transformation agents who have the skills and knowledge to execute the planned intervention. 



2. Execution




Determine inclusion opportunities

We look for integration opportunities with people from the local community, giving priority to the most disadvantaged. 


Determine project costs

The cost of the intervention is estimated focusing on the lowest possible cost for the highest possible impact.

Monitoring of implementation

We closely monitor the implementation, helping where possible, and ensuring that the plan is successfully executed.

3. Validation



Impact Assessment

Quantification and verification of the impacts achieved to give visibility to our partners about how their investment is being applied

Accreditation of implementation We are always looking for an independent entity to evaluate and certify the quality of our interventions in order to enable associations to provide more sustainable solutions

4. Sustainability




Sustainability audit

All of our projects will be monitored after implementation to ensure the proposed social impacts.


Continuous improvement

At the end of each project, an assessment of and adjustments to our procedures and interns are made to ensure that future interventions are always carried out to the highest standard.


Best practice database

Documentation of our interventions will be available for any institution to use to improve its procedures (user manuals, FAQs, etc ...)

“If you want a year of prosperity, grow seeds.

If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees.

If you want a hundred years of prosperity, grow people. ”